Rock Star Camp Day 3: Glitter, Glitter, Everywhere

Read more about our camp here!

Day #3 Set List

  • Warm-Up:  Jazz warm-up and across the floor progressions
  • Class Time:  Jazz class – learn dance #3
  • Craft Time:  Microphones, Picture Frames, Stars
  • Snack
  • Class Time:  Tap class – learn dance #3
  • Fun Time:  Alphadance
For Day 3, we lip-synced with our microphones to “Rock Around The Clock” Rock Around the Clock - Rock Around the Clock  and did a fun jazz dance to Little Richard’s rockin’ version of “Itsy Bitsy Spider”Itsy Bitsy Spider - Every Child Deserves a Lifetime

Main Craft: Glittered Microphone Heads
Supplies Needed:  Styrofoam balls, glue, paintbrushes, glitter, hot glue, painted tube from Day 2

1)  Apply glue to styrofoam balls with paintbrushes (we put the balls on a fork to make “glitterizing” easier).

2) Dip in glitter and repeat until covered. Set aside to dry.

3) *Teacher Step* Hot glue glittered styrofoam to painted tube (from yesterday’s step).

Microphones and guitar necks drying.

Our forks wouldn’t fit in the small tubes so we let them

dry in the guitar necks.

Craft #2: Picture Frames
Supplies:  foam sheets, foam stickers, hot glue, photos

Teacher prep:  cut a 3.5″ x 5.5″ hole in the middle of a foam sheet.  Hot glue the top and bottom of the sheet to a full sheet to make a frame.  We let the kids pick the colors, but you could just match up colors if you wanted to. Make sure when hot gluing to leave enough space to slip a photo in.

Then let the students decorate however they choose!  We used foam stickers, but you could use paint, markers, glitter or anything else you can think up.

Once they’re done decorating, pop a picture in and you’re done!

Craft #3:  Dressing Room Door Star
Supplies:  Foam Stars, glitter paint, paintbrushes

Every rock star needs a dressing room sign, so we made ours with glitter glue!

Day 3 of camp truly left our studio “glitter-fied” and I have a feeling I will continue to find it all summer!

Fun Activity:  Alpha-Dance
We did a guided creative movement exercise for our final activity of the day.  
First, we talked about different ways we could make letters with our bodies – using parts of our bodies or our whole body.  Then we made letter shapes lying down, and then standing.  Then we used partners.  

After this, we looked through the book “The Human Alphabet” (which I highly recommend for all classes, not just camp) and discussed the different ways the Pilobolus dancers made letters compared to how we made our letters.
The next challenge was a group challenge.  We divided the dancers up into groups of three and gave them each a letter to make with their group.   When they were ready, each group got a chance to show their letter and the others guessed. Since we had 12 dancers total, we had four groups, so I gave them letters that when put together spelled words like “ROCK” or “CAMP”.  They had fun guessing the letters.
Our final activity was to make one giant letter with everyone in the class… but without talking!  We started with “O” as a warm-up and moved onto harder letters like “A” and “M”.  It was interesting to watch leaders emerge within the group.
All in all, it was another fun day!

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