Ballroom Dance In School

Just read a great little story about fifth-graders learning swing dancing in schools.

“…the classroom teachers tell us there is such a change in their behavior,” Suzie Henneman [ballroom instructor] said on the increased level of respect teachers said their pupils show for each other. 

“The swing is their favorite,” she said. “But it’s interesting how much they take to the tango. It’s such a serious dance. But they love the dance.”

Check it out: Catonsville fifth-graders step out of comfort zone, on to dance floor [Baltimore Sun]

Dance News – World Ballet Edition

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Dance News – Gender & Dance Edition

While females make up about 85% of the dancing population (amateur or otherwise), there are only four female directors of large ballet companies in the United States (large meaning their budget is over $2.5 million). Here are a few articles that touch on this subject that we think are worth a read:

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Guerrilla Dancing In New York City

Arianna Bickle on Madison Avenue | Photo by Jordan Matter Photography

I had to repost this awesome article / photo series by Jordan Matter.

According to Telegraph UK, Mr. Matter was “thinking about the recession and what that meant for talented people who may have lost their jobs. Are you still a dancer if you are not paid to perform? Or are you still a chef when you don’t have a kitchen to cook in? It is about people who walk the streets with this incredible skill who could just advertise their ability any time they wanted. Dance is always a part of them and they are always dancers.”

Very cool series – take a look!