Rock Star Camp Day 4: Bling Bling

Read more about our camp here!

Day #4 Set List

  • Warm-Up:  Jazz warm-up and across the floor progressions
  • Class Time:  Jazz class – learn dance #3
  • Craft Time:  Sunglasses & Necklaces
  • Snack
  • Class Time:  Tap class – learn dance #3
  • Fun Time:  Relay Races
On Day 4, we learned our final dances to “We Built This City” We Built This City - Now That's What I Call the 80s by Starship and Hannah Montana’s “Rock Star”Rock Star - Hannah Montana 2: Non-Stop Dance Party.Since we needed more time to practice our dances, we kept craft time shorter than the other days.

Craft #1:  Blinged-Out Sunnies
Supplies:  Cardstock or Folders, Gem Rhinestones, Glue, Paintbrushes

Teacher Prep:  Cut out glasses from cardstock.

Using glue and plastic gems, decorate glasses.

Craft #2: Bead Necklaces (..and bracelets… and anklets)
Supplies:  Assorted Beads, String

1) Cut lengths of string.  We used embroidery thread, which has many threads combined into one, so we found it easiest to tape the ends to keep the threads from fraying.

2) String beads and enjoy!

Fun Activity: Relay Races
After craft and learning our dances, we had fun with a relay race of different kinds of movements:  crab walk, bear walk, carrying a ball on a spoon, hopping with balloon between our knees and a beanbag on our head!

After that, we used the parachute and saw how many times we could lift and lower the parachute while keeping the balloons on (spoiler alert, we had to stop at 100).

We are ready for our performance tomorrow!

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