Rock Star Camp Day 2: Rockin’ Guitars & Hats

See more about our camps here – Rock Star Theme Camp.  

Day #2 Set List

  • Warm-Up:  Jazz warm-up and across the floor progressions
  • Class Time:  Jazz class – learn dance #2
  • Craft Time:  Guitars, Hats, Microphones
  • Snack
  • Class Time:  Tap class – learn dance #2
  • Fun Time:  Limbo & Beanbag pass
Microphone bases (left) and guitar necks (right)

Main Craft: Guitars

You Will Need:
– Various cardboard boxes (tissue boxes, shoe boxes, pasta boxes, etc) – 1 per guitar
– 1-foot piece of cardboard tube (wrapping paper or paper towel tube) – 1 per guitar
– Construction or contact paper to cover box
– Rubber bands (6 per guitar)
– Crayons (2 per guitar)
– Paint & paint brushes
– Hot glue gun
– Glue sticks for glue gun

1.  Paint cardboard tube.  Set aside to dry.

 2.  Cover cardboard box with construction or contact paper. Decorate as desired.

Our various cardboard boxes used as the body of the guitar.

3.  *Teacher Job* Cut hole in center of box approximately 2″ x 2″.

4.  Wrap 6 rubber bands around box and centered on hole.  Slip two crayons under rubber bands on either side of hole (the “sound hole”).

5.  *Teacher Job* Once cardboard tube has dried, hot glue tube as “neck” of guitar.

This craft requires a bit of teacher help, but is worth it in the end because the kids end up with “real” guitars.  They actually make sound and work pretty well.  Here are the final products in action:

Craft #2: Rock Star Hats
You Will Need:
– Plain white hats (ours were painter’s hats donated by Home Depot)
– Fabric or tempura paint
– Paint brushes
– Plastic bags or newspaper

1.  Stuff hat with newspaper or plastic bags to keep paint from bleeding through.
2.  Paint hat as desired

We put our crafts on a tablecloth to help avoid mess.
Painting our hats in action!

Craft #3: Microphones, part 1
You Will Need:
– Cardboard tubes approx. 5″ (toilet paper rolls)
– Paint
– Paint brushes

Paint cardboard tubes and set aside to dry.  This will be the bottom part of the microphone.

See part 2 tomorrow!

Dance Classes: Review and Dress rehearsal
Dance:  learn two more dances (about 1 minute each) – today’s dances were to a funky version of “Zip a Dee Doo Dah” (by Paula Abdul) and we tapped to “Old Time Rock and Roll”.

Game Time
Limbo was a favorite in the group for today.  And of course we needed the “Limbo Rock”.  After limbo, we played a fun beanbag rhythm song.  It went:

One, two, bumblebee, one, up, down 
Pick it up, switch switch, pass around.

Everyone starts with a beanbag in front of them.  Clap 2x (one, two), then pat the bean bag 3x (bum-ble-bee)

Clap (one) pick the bean bag up and put it down (up, down).

Pick it up with one hand (pick it up), switch hands 2x (switch switch)

Pass it to the right (pass around).

We practiced until we could go very fast and do it without saying the rhyme out loud.  Then we switched directions!

This page has a lot of beanbag songs.

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