Western Week Day #3: Into the Sunset

For Day #3 of our Western Week Dance Camp we are learning more new dance steps and finishing up our sunsets!

Day #3 Agenda

8:50-9:00am – Parent Drop-off / Student Sign-in
9:00-9:30am – Warm-up – we made Negative Space Statues
9:30-10:00am – Jazz Dance class – adding on to our dances
10:00-10:45am – Craft –
10:45-11:00am – Snack Time
11:00-11:45am – Tap Class – reviewing yesterday’s dance
11:45-12:00pm – Games / Cool-down – we made an obstacle course

Day #3 Crafts: Cowboy Sunsets (Part 2) & Bead Pins

Part Two of Cowboy Sunsets:

Yesterday we made the “sunset” portion of the craft and had to let the coffee filters dry overnight.

Adding dye to the coffee filters

Prep Work for today’s craft: Cutting out the rims of paper plates

Today we will make and decorate the frames.  Here is our set-up for today’s portion of the craft:

The silhouettes can be found here – we printed and cut them out ahead of time.

The kids let loose with glue and glitter and decorated their frames.


Before we glued it, the kids picked out a silhouette and pasted it between the sunset and the frame.
Completed sunset!

For the Bead Pins craft, you will need:

– Pony Beads

– Many small safety pins

– A few large safety pins

– Sandwich baggies

Instructions and the cactus pattern for this craft can be found at Making Friends Crafts. The basic idea is that you take a pattern of pony beads and slip them onto small safety pins, which then go onto a large safety pin to make a design.

We helped simplify the process by pre-making baggies with the right number of pins and beads and an example of each pattern:

The “boot” pattern bead pin

Then the kids began making them!  Our younger students (age 6 & 7) needed help at times closing the pins or figuring out the pattern, but everyone ended up with a nice pin at the end.

Working on a cactus pin.
Finished cactus pin!


Happy Trails!

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