10 Hair & Make-Up Tutorials For Recital

Recital season is upon us in the US, and with it comes lots of parents and kids who have never done stage hair or make-up before!  I used to do demonstrations for some of my classes, but it is difficult to find the time when everyone is available, so I have switched to emailing YouTube links.  My students’ parents love it when I point them to a YouTube tutorial – and I have learned a few tricks myself!

Here are some of my favorite tutorials for applying stage make-up and doing hair.  And be sure to share your favorite tips and tricks in the comments!


For older students:

(JAM Cosmetics)
For children:

(JAM Cosmetics)

From start to finish w/little explanation, just her applying make-up:

More specific tutorials


Ballet Bun:


More specific tutorials & other information

Here’s to a great performance for your dancers!
Do you have any tips or tricks for doing stage make-up and hair?  Tell us in the comments!

3 thoughts on “10 Hair & Make-Up Tutorials For Recital

  1. These are very useful. But what if I didn’t have a net to put on my bun in the video classical ballet buns. Does that make a difference?

    • The hairnet helps catch all of the little fly-away ends of your hair and also holds the whole bun together. You can probably achieve the same results with extra bobby-pins and a whole lot of hairspray/gel, but a net is really helpful too.

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