Rock Star Camp Day 1: Tie-Dye

.See more about our camps here – Rock Star Theme Camp.

Day #1 Set List

  • Warm-Up:  Creative Movement in center & across the floor
  • Jazz Class:  Learn Jazz Dance #1
  • Craft Time:  Tie-Dye T-Shirts & VIP Passes
  • Snack
  • Tap Class: Learn Tap Dance #1
  • Game Time: Obstacle Course & Freeze Dance

Main Craft: Tie-Dye T-shirts
You Will Need:
– T-Shirts
Fabric Dye (pink, yellow, blue, purple)
– Buckets
– Rubberbands

We keep it basic and mix up 4 or 5 different buckets of fabric dye outside the studio (we have a sidewalk with a faucet, which works perfectly).  The kids design the t-shirts inside with rubberbands.  If you want design ideas, here are a few good tutorials.   

We skip the soda ash step and just let the kids dip in the buckets. The shirts end up pastel, but it works for us and keeps it simple.  Once the kids are done dipping, we rinse the shirts out under the outside faucet, unwrap them and hang them up to dry.

Tip #1:  Some kids will want to use one or two colors, others will need to dip in every bucket.  For this reason, avoid darker colors like maroon, navy blue and hunter green – mixing will result in a brown t-shirt!  I recommend at least getting red, yellow, purple and bright blue.

Tip #2: The tie-dye will stain skin and dancewear / shoes.  Our kids bring smocks, but inevitably someone splashes and ends up with polka-dot tights.  In our welcome letter I let parents know we will be tie-dying on the first day in case they don’t want to wear their “fancy outfit”.  We tie-dye in bare feet and with our smocks on to avoid most of the mess.

Secondary Craft: Coloring pages – VIP Passes

I made these cute, colorable VIP passes for camp.  Click here for a free download (they print out four per page)

Print, color, hole punch and string on some yarn for some instant VIP swag.

Our speediest tie-dyers worked on these while they were waiting for everyone else to finish up their shirts.

Playlist / Dance Classes: “Rock This Town” (tap) and “Baby, I’m a Star” (jazz)

We learn two short dances (30 seconds – 1 minute) each day to perform at our “show” at the end of the week.  Our Day #1 songs were:

Rock This Town – Stray Cats

Baby I’m a Star – Prince

Fun Activities:  Obstacle Course & Freeze Dance

We conclude each day with about 15-20 minutes of “fun” time.

Today we created an obstacle course out of mats, beanbag toss, cones and a table.  The kids wanted to go through it over and over again!  After that, we played “freeze dance” for a few minutes.

Before we go home, we go around and talk about our favorite part of the day.  I love the answers we get here.  Then it’s time to go.

See you tomorrow!

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