SYTYCD Season 9: Best Music (So Far)

Audition from Season 9, Episode 2

Dance recital’s over, summer classes haven’t started yet.. so that means its So You Think You Can Dance season!  Yippee!

Aside from the dancing, my favorite part is the fantastic music finds that come out of each episode.  The only downside is you can expect to hear some of these songs getting overplayed on the competition circuit next year.  But for summer, who cares?  They are deliciously good and I love the variety of genres.

Here are my favorites so far.  I know there’s only been three episodes, but can you believe that between the three episodes there’s been over 100 songs?  Some are great to dance to, but others are just fun to listen to in the car and at home!

Hot Artists so far:  PP Music (UK), James Dooley and District 78 already seem really popular choice, and have been used in all three episodes.

Great Songs To Dance To (links open in iTunes)

Candyland – CocoRosie: Just enough creepiness mixed in with a lovely melody to make something unique and interesting

Guardians At the Gate – Audiomachine:  There seems to be a lot of “cinematic” or soundtrack music this year.  Its very powerful music and I love this particular piece.  It’s also nice for a solo as its only 2 minutes and 12 seconds long.  For a less intense instrumental, check out Moving Cities by Faze Action

Invaderz – Excision & Datsik:  Such a cool electronic song, full of sound effects that are just begging to be danced to.

Mouvement Introductif – Yann Tiersen:  A beautiful classical piece of music.

It’s Good to See You Again – Scott Alan:  I might just love this song because I loved the audition that went along with it.  It was a very touching moment in the show, and it totally got me tearing up.

Non je ne regrette rien – Edith Piaf:  Another great audition – I loved this choice of music as well. Bonus points if you can name a movie this song is used in!

Here’s the video of that last song’s audition:

Great Songs Just To Listen To

So High – LA-EX

Heavy Cross – Gossip

D-D Dance – The Concept

The Only Place – Best Coast

Looking for another song you heard on SYTYCD, but don’t see it here?  

Check out some of these sites – they are the most comprehensive places I’ve found to look for the SYTYCD music:


Your Daily Dance

and of course: FOX SYTYCD Official site

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