LXD & Coke Zero

Have you seen the Coke Zero and League of Extraordinary Dancers campaign for a new dance move?

It’s still running so there’s some time left to enter, but what’s also great is they provide some nice dance tracks for you to use in your submission videos AND they are free to download!

The ones that I’ve listened to would be great to use for hip hop class – plus all the songs are more than 3 minutes long!  I’ve only listened to a few tracks all the way through and while there are no swear words, you might want to listen to the content to make sure its appropriate for your age group.

To get to the songs, click on How To Participate and select your track and click “Download”.

Full Disclosure: Coke or LXD did not pay me to write this!

New Music Mondays: Sunny Choi

We have a fun way to spice up your ballet class! Today’s New Music Monday is all about the piano artist, Sunny Choi.

Sunny plays classical piano covers over Top 40 hits and many are available on her Facebook page for FREE download. Not all will work for ballet class because of changing tempos and unusual phrasing, but here are a few of our favorites:

“Why Don’t We Just Dance” (Josh Turner) – use for: Tendu, Degage, Frappe, Petite Allegro

“Alejandro” (Lady Gaga) – use for: Ron De Jambe / Tendu / Petite Allegro

“Temporary Home” (Carrie Underwood) – use for: Adagio

“Your Love Is My Drug” (Ke$ha) – use for: Petite Allegro

“Haven’t Met You Yet” (Michael Buble) – use for: Degage, Frappe, Pique turns

From her Facebook page:

“Sunny Choi…has a rare gift called “perfect pitch” and this talent allows her to play almost any musical selection that she hears without the aid of written music. Sunny has spent the last decade fine-tuning her gift and has developed her business “Sunny Choi Music” around her love of music and powerful talent.”

Now go and enjoy the free downloads!