Follow Friday on Twitter: Bloggers & Dance Magazines

If you don’t use Twitter, you don’t know what you’re missing! Twitter can be an overwhelming onslaught of mini-messages, but it can also be very useful to a dancer looking for audition updates or an inside look at being a professional dancer.

Here are a few of our favorite dance Twitter-ers 🙂

@Dance_SpiritMag – the popular dance magazine Dance Spirit‘s tweets are usually interactive by posting questions for other Twitter users to answer

@EliteDance – Bio: Promoting ballet and dance related digital media with lots of random weirdness mixed in.

@danceadvantage – Bio: Dance writer/blogger, instructor, giving students, teachers & parents an edge in dance education.

@BalletForMen – the accompanying Twitter site to the blog, Ballet For Men

And of course, you can find all of our buzz on our Twitter page:

Resources for Male Dancers

If you Google ‘resources for male dancers’ or ‘my son dances’, you’ll get a lot of mother/son wedding suggestions or some suggestions more fitting for the bachelorette party! Here are a few links to some great resources for male dancers, parents of male dancers or studio owners who want to attract more male dancers!

Boys & Ballet – A collection of news stories about boys and ballet. The great part is that the author’s pre-teen sons choose which articles are featured. There is also a “library” section information on training, physiology, nutrition, schools, helpful hints on drawing more boys to your school, and interviews with dancers. – Another mom’s blog about her and her son’s struggles and triumphs with the world of dance. Many great interviews and suggestions shared.

DanceAdvantage – This site has a TON of useful information for all dancers, but there are a lot of good articles on male dancers (see here, here, oh and here!)

Forum for Parents of Male Dancers – A great forum to post questions and respond or just browse for more information.

Dance Dot Net Forum for Guys – Another forum for guys only!

On The Blogs: Choosing a Pre-School Program

Choosing a Dance Program for your Pre-School Boy

Just read this insightful article by Nichelle Strzepek on MySonCanDance blog. If you’re a parent looking for a dance program for your son, give this one a read. If you’re a studio owner wondering why you don’t have many boys, check this article to see what red flags your studio that could be sending to parents with boys. For example:

“2. A school without pink walls

A studio’s pink walls equivalent might be princess themes or anything that unnecessarily genderizes dance. Pink is a fine color and for the moment, pink is actually among my son’s favorite colors. However, a school that is “painting their walls pink” is either hoping to appeal to only one demographic or it has never really crossed their mind that a boy might enter the establishment as a student. Either way, it is reason enough for me to look elsewhere.

It may seem like a small thing but, for boys and young men, no pink walls can make all the difference. It is about feeling welcome and comfortable in an environment.”

There is also some good advice that is useful to any parent looking for a dance studio for their child:

“Look for a school whose older dancers move in a coordinated, pleasing fashion.”

Looking at a studio’s advanced dancers is very often a good indicator of how serious a school is or what their focus is on.

Either way, good article – read on!