Holiday Craft: Cookies and Brownies in a Jar

Everyone loves cookies and brownies! However some dance teachers are overwhelmed by food and candy presents during the holidays that end up going bad by the time holiday break is over.

Want to give your teacher something homemade? The cookie ingredients in a jar is a gift that can be made easily by children, and the recipient can make the cookies after the holidays are over or whenever is convenient. And since cookies are just about everyone’s favorite treats, give a fresh-from-the-oven gift that will keep on giving.

This gift has endless possibilities – just find your favorite cookie recipe and get a clean mason jar with a lid.

How To Make One
You will need: A large mason jar with a lid (1-quart or 1-liter)
Your favorite cookie recipe
Baking ingredients (flour, sugar, chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruit, etc)
Ribbon, cloth or other decorations

You are going to layer the dry ingredient in the jar so that the individual ingredients form layers. The more varied the colors and textures of your ingredients, the more interesting your jar will look (a simple sugar cookie recipe with white sugar and white flour will not look like much). After layering your ingredients, close the jar and decorate with ribbon or cloth. Include the recipe directions on a little card.


  • Once you put each ingredient in the jar, tamp it down with a long-handled utensil.
  • White sugar, flour and confectioner’s sugar tend to “seep” through layers – it is wise to put them on the bottom to avoid them seeping into other layers (like chocolate chips).
  • Don’t forget to include the recipe – including an expiration date is also a good idea. If stored in a cool, dry place, jars will last up to 6 months. If your jar contains nuts, it will last 3 months.

Beyond the Jar
Dress up your gift by placing two ingredient jars in a large mixing bowl and wrapping the whole thing up like a gift basket. Throw in a wooden mixing spoon, potholders or holiday tea towel if you’d like.

Cookie in a Jar
Double Fudge Brownie Mix
Oatmeal Cookie

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