This is Why Dance Matters

What Is This A Picture Of?

I posed the question “why does dance matter to you?” to the followers of my other dance twitter account, @dancequote, and this is a visual representation of their responses.  

What Is Why Dance Matters?

It is a movement to spread the word on why dance is a valuable artform and who it matters to.  Join the movement here:

Read more about the un-scientific manner on how I created this after the jump.

If you want to create your own word cloud, go to and copy and paste a block of text, RSS feed or blog URL.

To make my cloud, I copy and pasted tweets from the responses on Twitter into a text editor, spell-checked and deleted the twitter handles and then copy and pasted to wordle.

Share why dance matters to you in the comments, on Twitter or on the WDM Facebook page.

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