DB is Editor’s Choice!

Editor’s Choice, baby!

Who me?
Yay!  The Dance Buzz was chosen by Nichelle at Dance Advantage as “Editor’s Choice” for the Top Blogs of 2011.  Thank you, Nichelle – I was completely surprised and humbled to be chosen!  I hope to keep bringing good stuff to my readers in 2012.

Check out what Nichelle wrote:

In the end, I went with a blog that I feel has consistently shown a clear focus, delivering material that is valuable to its readers in a fun but thoughtful way. I’ve enjoyed watching this blog develop and wish for its longevity.”

Awww shucks 🙂

Be sure to check out all the dance blogs that entered the contest – there are some really great ones in there to add you to your blog roll.

Yay!  Thanks again!

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