The Search for Portable Ballet Barres

An example of a homemade metal ballet barre

I have been on a hunt for cheap but sturdy ballet barres to replace the adjustable single barre we've had at our studio for 20+ years. It no longer "adjusts" and just sits at the lowest setting.

After hours of research on the web, I am deciding whether it's worth my time and effort to build my own, buy a kit or just bite the bullet and pay the shipping for a pre-assembled barre.  After the jump are my research findings – hopefully saving you some time!

If you have any suggestions about ballet barres – chime in with a comment!

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One thought on “The Search for Portable Ballet Barres

  1. Check out We carry a large variety of professional custom ballet barres. We offer freestanding barres in light steel, heavy steel, aluminum and oak and maple combination barres. We offer them in many sizes, colors and custom image decals. We will built your dream barre ;-)Custom Barres – The barres that make you want to DANCE!

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