Studio Owner Buzz: New Season Wisdom

I apologize for my absence over these past two weeks – my studio just finished our opening week of the season! 400+ families in and out of the doors makes for a very tired (and slightly cranky according to my boyfriend) studio owner!

Here is some “wisdom” I gained from this past week:

  • Name labels for the preschool students seem like a good idea until you find one stuck right in the middle of your newly cleaned marley floor.
  • The waiting room walls you painted this summer will be scuffed within 30 seconds of opening the doors.
  • Take some time to evaluate what items/decor in your lobby looks climb-able to younger brothers and bolt them to the wall of floor, using twice the amount of bolts you think is necessary!
  • Important Assistant Teacher Training Topic: Identifying the “toddler potty dance” and taking immediate action
  • Write a handy list of FAQ’s with stock answers for your receptionist/office manager to reply to parents with. Topics should include, but are not limited to: “When can my 3 year old go en pointe”, “My child is much too advanced for this class” and “I have soccer practice/cheerleading/piano lessons – can I just start in November”?

And probably the best advice:

  • You can’t please everyone!

Here’s to a great season for all of you Studio Owners who are starting up!

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