New Music Mondays: Ballet Music

Looking for some new ballet music?

Here are our current favorites:

1. Aly Tejas – Music for Ballet Class III Music

Described as “haunting” and “beautifully melodic”, her album Music for Ballet Class III is one of her best and most recent. You can’t really go wrong with any of her stuff, but we especially love this album.

2.Dancing Fingers Volume 8 – Michael Roberts Dancing
We’ve been using Michael Roberts’ album “Between the Barres” for years, but his new album, “Dancing Fingers” is another classic. 34 songs, most of them between 1 and 2 minutes makes them perfect for class.

3. We’ve mentioned Sunny Choi in a previous New Music Monday post – but she has some cool covers… available for FREE on Facebook.

4. Musique de la Danse (Ballet Class) – Fernando Davil 


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