New Music Mondays: Preschool Playlist

Inspired by last month’s post on Zooglobble, I set out to find artists featured on his blog to come up with a unique playlist for preschool dance that wasn’t filled with Disney artists.  Here is my result:

Warm-Up Songs
One Tiny Light – Recess Monkey One Tiny Light - The Final Funktier
Morningtown – Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem Ranky Tanky - Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem
C’Mon – Renee and Jeremy C'mon - C'mon
Let Me Be Yours – Lucky Diaz Let Me Be Yours - Luckiest Adventure
Funkee Flora de Fiesta – Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke Funkee Flora de Fiesta - Rise and Shine

Movin’ and Groovin’! – directive songs
Constellation Conga – Recess Monkey Constellation Conga - The Final Funktier
The Dance From Outer Space – Billy Kelly The Dance from Outer Space - Is This Some Kind of Joke?
Tennessee Wig Walk – Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem Tennessee Wig Walk - Ranky Tanky
Rocks & Flowers – Caspar Babypants Rocks and Flowers - More Please!
Stomp Stomp – Putumayo Jazz Playground

Other Fun Tunes
Going To The Moon – Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke Going to the Moon - Rise and Shine – this would be a fun sing-a-long
Dog Gone Gone Dog Gone – Caspar Babypants Dog Gone Gone Dog Gone - More Please!– this is just a fun song to listen to
Frenzy – Dean Jones Frenzy - Rock Paper Scissors– your body just starts moving to this song!


Click here for other playlists

New Music Mondays: Zoo Globble

If you’re looking for new preschool / elementary music, or if you’re a parent of a little one, you will love the Zooglobble blog!  Stefan Shepherd, the man behind the blog, reviews preschool albums that parents can actually listen to on repeat without going insane.  Check out this post on the Best Kids Music for 2010.

While the site is not aimed towards teaching dance, music and dance go hand in hand, so it is a great resource for any preschool teacher.  I have found a lot of new music and sometimes the artists he features will offer free downloads.  The posts usually have some way to preview the songs, artists and albums they are reviewing, so you can see if it will work for you.

Even if you don’t have room to add another blog to your reading list, at least bookmark the site for their huge list of children’s music links on the side of their site.

Other ways to find Zooglobble:  Facebook  Twitter