New Music Mondays: Pandora Radio

Looking for new music?

Pandora Radio is a great resource for finding music! It’s a web “radio station” – to use it, you type in an artist or song and it starts playing music that is similar, creating a station. You can make as many stations as you want.

One of my favorite features is that it let’s you “bookmark” artists or songs for later. I like to let Pandora play in the background while doing office work and if a song catches my ear, I’ll “bookmark” it for later. That way if I’m at work, I can bookmark the song to download when I get home later.

What I don’t like: Commercials and Time limits. Pandora used to be a free service, but then it decided it should make money (don’t we all want to?) and so now there are “commercial” breaks. They’re only like 30 seconds, but it is annoying. Also they have a time limit on how many hours a month you can listen to (somewhere around 40 hours). I haven’t run out yet because I only listen to it a few hours a day, but its something to watch out for.

So there you have it – my unsolicited review of Pandora Radio! Hope you discover some new artists!