Choreographer’s Roots: Stacey Tookey

In our Choreographer’s Roots feature, we take a quick look back at where they started to help understand where they are today. After watching SYTYCD tonight, we thought we’d start with one of our favorite choreographers – Stacey Tookey.

Stacey Tookey performed as…

…a member of Mia Michaels’ company
…a member of R.A.W. Dance Company (Mia Michaels)
…part of Parsons Dance Project
…cast member in Celine’s Vegas show
…Ballet British Columbia
…Fusion Dance Company
…NBA’s Grizzlies Extreme Dance Team

View her full biography here

Breaking News! Travis Wall Dance Company

Breaking news! Travis Wall (dance & choreographer – known for competing on SYTYCD Season 2 and then choreographing in Seasons 5, 6 & 7) just tweeted he will be starting his own DANCE COMPANY!

He says:

I made a pretty big decision yesterday…. I was gonna wait to do it but it makes so much since right now! I’M GONNA START A DANCE COMPANY!!

ok, so his spelling could be better, but…. a dance company!! squeeeeeee!!

In case you’re unfamiliar with his choreography, here are my two favorite routines of his:


ahhhh soo gooood