Follow Friday on Twitter: SYTYCDancers

In honor of SYTYCD Season 7 coming to its end, here are our favorite SYTYCD Twitter-ers! Per the rules, contestants can’t tweet while they are still competing on the show, but the all stars and anyone who’s been eliminated can keep in touch.

Its especially fun to see behind-the-scenes pics of the dancers, like this post from Ade.

ADEEVERYDAY: @mmraw (mia michaels) so fun being a part if something way bigger than just this routine. We love you mama mia

Hands down, my favorite from Season 7 was Alex Wong.. before he got injured and kicked off the show 😦 But he is such a goofball – love reading his tweets… like this one from a few weeks ago:

alexdwong: Will my dreams of being on Glee be shattered if I look like this after rehab? Haha 😀

Here’s where you can find your favorite SYTYCDancers Twitter-ers 🙂

Season 7 Contestants
SYTYCD7 – for contestants still on the show
Billy Bell
Alex Wong
Jose Ruiz
Alexie Agdeppa
Melinda Sully
Does anyone know Lauren’s twitter account?

Kathyn McCormick
Lauren Gottlieb
Ade Obayomi
Allison Holker
Courtney Galiano
Neil Haskell
Comfort Fedoke

And of course, you can find all of our buzz on our Twitter page:

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