2017 Song Selections

At the end of each dance season, I like to do a wrap-up of the songs I used during the year – a sort of song “yearbook” for myself.   It’s mostly for me to be able to look back and say “when did I use that song”? , but maybe someone will enjoy it too.

(Here’s a link to 2014,  2013... and 2012… and 2011)

This year’s recital was entitled “A Kaleidoscope of Dance”, but most of my pieces were competition and unrelated to the theme.

Links open in iTunes, unless otherwise noted 🙂




  • Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky) – Intermediate Ballet for ages 9-11 – costumes half in black, half in white – was a lot of fun to be dramatic
  • Try Everything (Shakira) – Beginner jazz, ages 6-8 – the kids loved this song so much, they sang the first part of it, even for the show (oh oh oh oh OHH!) – I like the message behind the song as well – don’t be afraid to try something
  • At The Hop (Danny & The Juniors) – Beginning tap, ages 6-8
  • Various selections from Narnia soundtracks – Beginner ballet, ages 6-8, called this “The Golden Coronation” – had girls dressed up in golden tutus as princesses, my gentleman in gold top (the prince).  He had a scepter and “crowned” all of the princesses.  They loved it.  Music was a little hard to follow sometimes.
  • Fairy Dance (James Newton Howard) – beginner ballet, ages 6-8 – I liked how the tempo changed during the song.
  • Three Little Fishies (Finding Nemo soundtrack) – beginner tap, age 4
  • Dinosaur Rock N Roll (Joanie Bartels) – beginner jazz, age 4 – my assistant was the “dinosaur” for this one!  Super cute.
  • Brave (cover by Savannah Outen) – intermediate tap, ages 9-11 – in hindsight this piece was a bit to mature for them to pull off… but they worked hard on it!


What was your favorite song that you used from last year? Share in the comments

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