February Challenge: A Day In The Life

For those who work in the arts, every day can be so different from the next, but that’s part of what I love about my job and what makes it so much fun.  It keeps me on my toes! (pun intended… groan.)

Here’s one of my more ‘typical’ days:

7am – Wake up.  Contemplate exercising or yoga before I shower, but not today.. the blankets and snooze button are calling my name.  Shower, eat breakfast, remember that I am going to take pictures for “Day In The Life” post today!

9:30am – Drive to the studio – weather’s looking a bit icy.. better keep an eye on it.

10:00 am – Admin time.  Pretend to be Beyonce much to the chagrin of my office manager… “I’m all up in these costumes like my job… admin time”.  Follow up on some back-ordered costumes and work on handouts.  Dance party in the office to the hold music (hey Weissmans, at least you have some good tunes!).

11:00am – UPS delivery – hooray!  The first of our recital costumes have arrived!  Unpack, sort and label costumes.

11:30am – Weather check: it’s snowing!  Doesn’t look too bad right now, but we may have to cancel tonight’s classes if it keeps accumulating.

More unpacking and sorting…

Fiddle with how we’re going to hand out the costumes this year. My office manager and I play with the labels and hangers until we find how we want to hang everything up this year.

2:00pm – Drive back home to grab something to eat before tonight’s class.  The snow has stopped and I think I see blue skies coming.. we’re all good!

Decide to be healthy and eat a salad because I’m taking pictures (oh, and check on the blog).

Still hungry 20 minutes later, heat up some tortellini while I work on my lesson plans and choreography for tonight.

…and browse Dance.net (I’m addicted!)
Edit some music for tonight’s class.

4:00pm – Husband gets home – hang out for 20 minutes before heading off to class. Before I leave, enjoy a piece of chocolate – the message seems appropriate for today.. 🙂

4:30-9pm – Five classes – my longest teaching day.

Modern I class in studio one, ab workout.  They love me when we do abs… just kidding).

Beg. jazz/tap combo class, writing down their “homework” in their notebooks.

Two tap classes in studio room two – forgot to take pictures! Ahh!
Contemporary class in studio room two – working on tilt jumps and firebird leaps.

9:30pm – Get home and flop onto couch and watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother with the husband.  Resist the urge to late-night snack.  Browse internet and check on blog comments/twitter feed.

11:00pm – Listen to iPod while falling asleep.


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