Studio Owner Buzz: AWCT Value Catalog

We are debuting a new type of post we’re calling “Studio Owner Buzz” (or SOB for short… wait a second… just kidding ;))

We will feature information that might be useful to all of you studio owners out there – costume catalog reviews, tuition ideas, recital hints and more! All of these posts are all on my own – I am not being paid to write about any of the catalogs, companies or products.
Today’s SOBuzz is about the A Wish Come True’s Dance Values costume catalog. Just got it fresh from my cranky postman’s hands. They also sent the Latin Rhythm Collection and Holiday Wishes, but that’s for another post.

Now I won’t post prices in here because just like any other retail place, SOs have to mark-up costumes to make a living, but I will tell you that the “values” is truly value. But don’t let the term “value” turn you off. Sometimes when you get the discount catalogs it clear why they are marked down. They either have no normal sizes left or the costume is so hideous, no one wants it. Sure, there are a few like that in AWCT….

Which looks like a pattern my grandma would make curtains out of, but for the most part, the costumes are just plain cute! They range from simple silhouettes:

To more glitzy designs:

Love, love, LOVE this one.

And just like all their other costumes, AWCT doesn’t skimp on quality when it comes to making costumes. We ordered multiple costumes from their regular line last year and everyone loved the fit and the costumes were very well made.

They also have a whole section for in stock value costumes for last minute needs!

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